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Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps using the PhoneGap Framework Mobile App Development using the PhoneGap Framework

With plethora of mobile devices and tablets in the market, it would be time consuming and expensive to develop native apps for all of them.  With the open source PhoneGap framework, it is now possible to develop world-class native applications for nearly all the device platforms from a single code base using standard HTML/CSS/Javascript.  PhoneGap allows access to nearly all the powerful native features of the various device platforms like geo-location, notification system, network, storage, media, camera,etc. and seamlessly deploys across platforms.  The PhoneGap developed Apps can interact with application and data servers for the business logic and data.

With this technology our clients can expect to reach wider range of customers with substantial reduction in both time and cost.

iPhone & iPad App Development iPhone & iPad App Development

iPhone and iPad are the most popular devices because of their user friendliness.  Design simplicity and quality of hardware make people just love their iPhone or iPad.  Building a high quality engaging App for iPhone/iPad is essential in today’s market, as iPhone/iPad owners purchase online substantially more than any other group.

We are part of the Apple developer network and with access to latest  iOS SDK and Xcode toolset, we can design and develop an App that will provide substantial return on your investment.

Android App Development Android App Development

The other half of the mobile world belongs to Android.  The open source mobile platform from Google has the largest market share of any mobile platform.  Though there are number of older versions in the market, with new features like voice search, smarter caller ID, print , etc. the latest version KitKat is compelling reason to upgrade.

We have been developing android apps from the very beginning and have the requisite experience and expertise with android SDK to create an engaging world-class Apps.

We would welcome your inquiry about your Mobile App Development project and if you would like us to review your requirements and provide a quote, please contact us.